So I went to the Dodgers vs. Giants game 5/19.

I am a giants fan so I understand that there should be extra security. But the security should not discriminate against any fan. I was singled out of "being intoxicated" when I only had 2 beers. They kept harassing me even when I was cooperating with them.

I have the right to cheer for whoever I want. the security didn't think so, the ejected me for absolutely nothing. I payed for my ticket and parking, why would they not allow me to enjoy the game, not to mention the obnoxiously drunken dodgers fan 3 seats away that they did not even care about. Then they even had the nerve to hand cuff me to escort me out to my car.

I now have an all time low respect for dodgers security and law enforcement. It was completely degrading and unfair.

So if you want to go to a dodgers game i suggest that you don't! I know I will never return to dodgers stadium all because of the unruly law enforcement.

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Los Angeles, California, United States #650087

There You Answered your own Question Stay out of Dodger Stadium ***


"I know I will never return to dodgers stadium"

It's my guess that you are no longer welcome in the stadium.

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